Top Four for UK Sails at 1720 Europeans

September 27, 2021

Everyone at UK Sailmakers Ireland is proud of how well our customers performed at last weekend’s 1720 European Championships at Waterford Harbour Sailing Club.

We would also like to congratulate the McBearla’s team on their overall victory.

UK Sailmakers Ireland has put every effort into making our sails the fastest on the race track, and it’s showing with all our sails on the podium in Dunmore East: 

  1. McBearla IRL 2000 Rope Dock
  2. Elder Lemon IRL 2888 Robert Dix
  3. Live Wire IRL 1755 Baltimore sailing Club
  4. Probably Legal IRL 1804 Mia Murphy

We would also like to thank Waterford Harbour Sailing Club for running an excellent event. Julian Hughes and his team did a fantastic job.

De Ja Vu IRL 1777 Ross Johnson running deep down the inside, making gains on the fleet.
Root 1 IRL 1848 Julian Hughes rounding the right-hand leeward mark.

Full Irish IRL 1748 David Kenefick leading a split gybe in the fleet downwind.
Elder Lemon IRL 2888 Robert Dix setting as he rounds the wing mark and goes on to win race 5 with his XD carbon sails.

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