One Design

UK Sailmakers Ireland one design is what we do best. From J 109 to 1720’s in keep boats down to mermaids.

We do one design. We work in a range of classes all around the country. Each class gets the sails and design review every year. So they are the latest and most up to date design. Giving each specific class the best sails possible.

Making the time to do this and having the sail designer inhouse here in Ireland makes it so much easier to get the job done. Keeping our sails at the front of the fleet.

Which we have proven time and again in the different one design fleets we work with.


It goes without saying 1720 sails are what we do best at UK Sailmakers.

Our sails have won the Europeans and nationals so many times we’ve lost count! They are the fastest sails in the fleet, made of XD carbon which also makes them the lightest and, of course the best price.

We have dominated the 1720 fleet for years. With our spinnakers have proved unstoppable so we haven’t need to change their design. We have, however, tweaked the upwind sails a little over the past 3 years, and they went on to prove themselves with a
1-2-3 at the Europeans.


UK Sailmakers’ J109 sails are the fastest on the circuit, as proven by Outrajous. Their success is the result of the hard work we’ve put into their design and how they’re used. The development of our new Titanium main sails, to match the rig luff curve and range needed for the J 109, was also a critical factor. Our latest design performs especially well in light air, thanks to an extra inhauler and more twist in the Titanium headsail.

We also do an IRC optimised set up, with a spinnaker pole. This is a real rating winner, with the optimised SPA and HAS staying with the one design main.


UK Sailmakers’ ruffian sails are the national champions in both Ireland and Hong Kong. Our sails have won the nationals many times, most recently with Ann Kirwan. Our premium Dacron sails are the best price and the fastest in the fleet. 

Sigma 33

UK Sailmakers’ one design Sigma 33 sails are built to last, with durability and performance central to their design. X-Drive Silver with taffeta is the most durable, cost effective product on the market. It’s light weight, affordable and durable, giving the Sigma 33 class the best bang for its buck.

Our main sails come with one reef in them as standard and are available in a choice of colours for sail numbers and draft strips.

Our headsails come with spreader and station patches already installed, so they fit the boat and are ready to go to work. They are designed in 3D, specifically for your boat, fit your rig and giving you the best performance.

Our Sigma 33 spinnaker range is available in heavy and light, offering the perfect combination of cost effectiveness and durability.


Our new Titanium and X-Drive range of X302 sails gives you the best of both worlds. Cost effect performance with the latest technology. Our IRC optimised X302 sails are the best in the fleet, giving you a rating advantage and the performance you want.

First 31.7

Our First range of 31.7 X-Drive sails gives you the best and most cost effective one design options – a competitive edge in a very competitive fleet. They are IRC optimised to give you a rating advantage as well as value for money.


Mermaid is a class we are passionate about and we have been working really closely with the class members to develop and improve sails for Mermaids. We personally sailed in the nationals in 2021 so we could get the best insights into the Mermaid and how it handles on the water. And, we’re proud to say, the sails we have designed and have really taken hold in the class. 


Rankin is also class we hold dear in our hearts because it’s local and it’s a classic so it’s fitting the sails should be developed and designed here in Cork. The cream Dacron sails complete the classic look but don’t let the mild colouring fool you. These are the very latest designs that won the nationals again last season!

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