Get Out Early, Get Ready for the 2022 Sailing Season!

February 18, 2022

UK Sailmakers Ireland is looking forward to the coming season. It’ll be here very soon and we want you to get the most of your 2022 season. So get out early!

We have had a very busy winter period getting your sails serviced repaired and ready for 2022. Over 950 KG of sails and covers went to laundry last week the van was full to the brim with laundry. Cleo was delighted to get the sails and covers away and they will be back in two weeks. Ready for Paddy’s weekend!

As well as laundry we have been really busy getting racing sails ready checking their IRC and sorting any nicks and scratches on them. Most of the racing sails are ready for action with the last of the racing sails being ready for action in early spring.

We are delighted with the number of sail orders we have got this year breaking all records. With big demand for Cork Week Regatta and the Round Ireland Race. All the orders are on time and will be ready for this early season.

“Get your orders in we still have capacity. To deliver new sails on time”

We still have room for you if you want to get out early and make the most of 2022. March is fast approaching, if you’re not sure of the status of your sails now is the time to check them. Likewise, if looking at your IRC cert and you think it needs to be lower.

Our sail loft in Crosshaven, Co. Cork, has been a sail service centre for over forty years. Thousands of sails have been on our floor and it’s not often we see something we haven’t encountered before. We can spot issues before they emerge as serious problems. This will not only save you money – but also time.

No one wants their sails on our floor when they should be on your boat out sailing!


As we are the only IHC loft in Ireland, we can get your sails IRC measured and certified for the coming season. We still have room for more if you haven’t sent them in and your thinking of having a look. Now is the time.
When we receive your sails in our loft we give them a full check over. We check all luff tapes for tears, check common wear spots such as where it interacts with spreaders and stanchions, check for missing tell tails, and identify if there are any unknown causes for the problem which is presenting itself on the floor.

For example; we see many luff tape repairs throughout the season and during winter service. Luff tapes don’t just tear. If they tear then there is a reason why. Sometimes it can be a simple mistake of sheeting on too early or skipping the feeder – but often there is a problem that can be solved on the boat. We discuss potential issues with our customers and present solutions to avoid damage occurring in the future.

“While we have your sails we can re-measure them for IRC. This can lead to a nice reduction in your IRC handicap upon your revalidation for the 2022 season”

Our expert staff pick up details that the untrained eye would overlook. Leverage this experience to protect your investment and maximize your time on the water come next spring. 


If cruising or day sailing is your thing and you put your sails away last October. There is still time to get them checked and ready for the new season. I have seen many sails still on the boom in different boatyards and yacht clubs.

One of the worst things you can do for your sails is to leave them on your boat for a prolonged period of time – even during the sailing season. If you are not going to be using your boat for a month or more then take down the sails and store them aboard.

Exposure to the sun degrades your sails and covers – this is simply a fact of life. The UV light breaks down the fabric and especially the stitching.

During the check-up, we inspect your entire UV cover and its stitching. A quick run through a sewing machine now is much more cost-effective than having to replace an entire torn UV strip after an Irish winter storm. The same goes for your covers. Deliver them all to us together for a full assessment.


Our schedule is filling up fast after a busy season on the water. Now is the time to get in contact and arrange your service. Let us ensure your sails are in top health and ready for your 2022 sailing season.

Contact Cleo at

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