Cruising Sails

UK Sailmakers’ are the preferred choice for sailors who are looking for performance, durability and affordability because we deliver on all three.

We use the latest technology to design your sails, a process that includes building a 3D model of your boat so that we can ensure the perfect fit. We also offer you the choice of premium radial laminated or Premium Dacron sails.

But the most chosen product for cruising is UK Sailmakers’ X-Drive sails which have proven to be the preferred choice for performance cruisers.


UK Sailmakers have a range of options for cruising main sails. Choose between short or fully battened main sails for a short battened, light weight main sail or long lasting main with full battens.

We also offer many reefing and slide options, making it easy to hoist drop and reef your main sail. Then there’s single line reefing, using harken thimbles and webbing between the reefs on the leech, to lift the skits up onto the boom. We always make our single line reefing so the clew and luff rings stay on the boom, so you only ever need to remove the sail. It’s simple and easy to use.

We also do a range of in-mast furling main sails, with vertical battens and light-weight clew thimbles which are very efferent and light weight, giving extra roach on the leach but still easy to use.


UK Sailmakers have the latest in cruising Genoa options.

Light weight UV Genoas are available in a variety of materials including Sunbrela and Weathermax. We also have a high density foam luff which makes the entry as aerodynamic as possible but is still ultra efferent when you’re reefing. We can also add webbing at the tack of each sail reef so you can get the luff smooth again when reefing.

We take great pride in the bespoke nature of our sails. Sailcom, our 3D modelling software, ensures that every sail fits the boat it was designed for like a glove. And, to ensure the longevity and durability of your sails we only use the best Dacron for the woven products, giving you at least ten years of dependable use.


UK Sailmakers’ spinnakers are widely regarded as the best in the business, in keeping with our strong reputation for cruising. We do a range of cruising spinnakers, from the standard Asymmetric to the latest in top down furling code D gennakers, the preferred choice of most of today’s cruising boats.

We use our latest matrix layouts to design cruising spinnakers, with most efficient panel layouts taking the load of the sail through the range of angles its used. Our Code D gennakers are extremely popular and simple to use. They can be hoisted before leaving the dock and the ratchet furling system makes them simple and easy to use.

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